B-side and Unreleased Song

シングル B面 / 未発表曲

year date song written by notes release
1976   Dog On The Run TP   Official Live ‘leg
Surrender TP 『Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers』outtake An American Treasure
1978   I Don’t Know What To Say To You TP B side of “Listen To Her Heart” Playback
1979   Casa Dega TP&MC B side of “Don’t Do Me Like That”(US) Playback
Surrender TP   Damn The Torpedoes, deluxe edition
Nowhere TP  
1980   It’s Rainin’ Again TP B side of “Refugee” Playback
1981   Gator On The Lawn TP B side of “A Woman In Love” Playback
1982   Keeping Me Alive TP 『Long After Dark』outtake Playback
Turning Point TP Playback
Keep A Little Soul TP An American Treasure
1983   Heartbreaker’s Beach Party TP B side of “Change Of Heart” Playback
1984   Trailer TP B side of “Don’t Come Around Here No More” Playback
3/1 Walkin’ From The Fire TP 『Southern Accents』outtake An American Treasure
1986   Moon Pie TP 『Let Me Up』outtake Playback
Ways To Be Wicked TP&MC Playback
Can’t Get Her Out TP Playback
You Come Through TP&MC 1995.8に Lenny Kravitz が参加してoverdub Playback
1987   Make That Connection TP B side of “Jammin’ Me” Playback
9-10 Goodbye Little Rich Girl TP 1987年ツアーで演奏
There Ain’t Enough Money In The Whole Wide World TP
1988   Travelin’ TP 『Full Moon Fever』outtake Playback
Waiting For Tonight TP Playback
1989   Down The Line TP B side of “Free Fallin'” (US) Playback
Don’t Treat Like A Stranger TP B side of “I Won’t Back Down” (UK)
1992 3-4 I’ve Lost Without You TP 1992年ツアーで演奏
Drivin’ Down To Georgia TP 1992年ツアーで演奏 Live Anthology
12/3 1992/12/3 Recording All The Rest
  You Get Me High TP Unreleased Playback
  God’s Gift To Man TP Unreleased Playback
5 Peace In La / Peace In LA (Peace mix) TP 92年5月発表作品 Playback
  Christmas All Over Again TP 『Very Special ChristmasⅡ』収録 Playback
1992 8/4 One of Life’s Little Mysteries TP 『Wildflowers』sessions Angel Dream
8/12 You Saw Me Comin’ TP All The Rest
9/30 Somewhere Under Heaven TP&MC 『Wildflowers』outtake 2015年6月音源リリース / All The Rest
  Change Your Way Of Livin’  TP (1992 studio outtake)
(1992)   A Feeling Of Peace TP home demo All The Rest
(1992-93)   There Goes Angela (Dream Away) TP home demo 2020年8月音源リリース / All The Rest
(1993)   Climb That Hill Blues TP home demo All The Rest
1993 1/26 Leave Virginia Alone TP 『Wildflowers』outtake All The Rest
7/23 Lonesome Dave TP 『Greatest Hits』sessions An American Treasure
7/23 105 Degrees TP Angel Dream
7/26 Something Could Happen TP All The Rest
  Come On Down To My House TP Playback
  What’s the Matter with Louise TP   Amazon Original
1994 4/11 Confusion Wheel TP 『Wildflowers』outtake All The Rest
  Harry Green TP TP’s home studio All The Rest
  Girl On LSD TP B side of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” (US) All The Rest
1996 4/11 French Disconnection TP “Angel Dream” Instrumental ver. Angel Dream
  Boat Song TP 『She’s the One』outtake
1997 1-2 The Date I Had With That Ugly Home Coing Queen TP&MC 1997/99 Fillmore Live で演奏
1998 2/12 Gainesville TP 『Echo』outtake An American Treasure
12/3 I Don’t Belong TP An American Treasure
  You Make Me Feel No Good TP
  Sweet William TP B side of “Room At The Top” (Germany)
2000   For Real TP 『Anthology』outtake(Surrender 収録)  The Best of Everything
2001   Back Into Los Angeles TP 『The Last DJ』outtake
Showtime TP
Alive Again TP
2003 4/13 My New Guitar TP 2003 Vic Theater Liveで演奏
4/14 Next Time You See Memphis TP
4/21 Black Leather Woman TP 「Soundstage」DVD収録
(Vic Theater Liveでも演奏)
Melinda TP
Tow Men Talking TP (An American Treasure 収録と同一曲)
2006   Around The Roses TP 『Highway Companion』 outtake HC-special edition
Home TP
The Woods TP
2010   Little Girl Blues TP 『Mojo』outtake b-track on iTunes
Mystery of Love TP
2011 8/11 Bus To Tampa Bay TP 『Hypnotic Eye』outtake An American Treasure
2012 11/16 Two Men Talking TP An American Treasure
2014   Playng Dumb TP b-track on Limited 2LP Vinyl / Blu-ray Audio

* date は演奏時期または録音日を記載
** release は基本的に初出の作品名を記載